in a world without you, i'll dream of you
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there is always sleep between part and meet, with our usual words on the usual street. so let us part like we always do, and in a world without you, I'll dream of you. when I come to, let us meet, with our usual words on the usual street.

before you ask any questions, please check out my FAQ!

please ignore my super old computer hehe.


okay this one is pretty self explanatory. file > import > video frames to layers.


once you pick your video, this will show up. I hope you’re not confused yet


so, some people cut up the videos they want to use for their gifs. but I don’t, cause I’m lazy like that (also I don’t have a program to do it, but you know). anyway. you tick the ‘Selected Range Only’ and hold down the shift key while you select which frames you want. also, make sure you limit your frames. I usually limit my gif from 3-5 frames. yes, this does speed the gif up, but that will be explained soon!


now, you select the timing for your gif. depending on how many frames you limited it to, you may need more or less time for each frame. I usually do 0.06 seconds. (if you want to change the time of more than one at a time, select all the frames and then click the time underneath.)

p.s. the gif I’m making in this tutorial is 14 frames. if you plan on making kingdom hearts gifs, 20 frames is probably the limit.


you MUST save your gif for web and devices. if you don’t do that… uh, it wont’ be a gif lol. 


this will show up once you click ‘Save for Web & Devices’. and yeah this is the hardest part. getting your gif to fit tumblr’s standards!


FIRST OF ALL, your gif’s width must be 500px. no bigger, or tumblr will not accept it. 


then you have to play around with the number of colors and the dither and lossy. less lossy and more dither is always best, in my opinion. but anyway, you want to get these good so that your gif is under 500kb

which you can see at the bottom left of the save screen. and once you like your gif AND it’s under 500kb, you can save it and upload it onto tumblr! :)


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